Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water

Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water

Traditional electric hot water systems can be up to one third of your electricity expenses, so why not use the sun’s energy to do the heating for you. Using the sun’s energy to heat water can reduce your household hot water costs as well as conserving natural resources and the environment.

A solar hot water system uses energy from the sun to heat water for your home or business. It’s an effective way to utilise Australia’s plentiful sunshine. A traditional 250L electric hot water system can cost anywhere from $1100 a year to operate. Compare this to a 250L solar hot water system that will cost no more than $100 a year to function.

While the sun is shining, collectors on your roof heat up the water and circulate back into the hot water tank, which is then stored ready for use.

Advantages of Solar Hot Water

  • Reduces energy use
  • Affordable and great return on investment
  • Reliable 24/7 and with back up booting options
  • Can provide up to 90% of your hot water needs
  • Not effected by constant rising electricity prices
  • Saving money on an on-going basis
  • Excellent product warranties - starting from 5 years
  • Capital improvement for your property

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