Benefits of Solar

Solar Energy Information Hub

Welcome to Q Energy Solution’s Solar Power Information Hub where you will find everything you need know about using the sun’s energy to reduce your electricity bill.

Beat the rising cost of electricity

The benefits of producing some or all of your home’s energy requirements from solar energy are obvious. Solar energy will reduce your electricity bill, and with electricity prices forecast to rise exponentially over the next 5 years – by as much as 60%, depending on where you live – solar energy makes a lot of sense.

Reduce your carbon emissions

Every day tonnes of carbon is spewed into the atmosphere from coal-fired electricity stations. These dinosaurs of energy production are some of Australia’s worst polluters.

Installing 1kW of solar electricity can remove around 1.5 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere each year – that’s enough to take a car off the road for 5 months, or the equivalent of 6 native trees.

Add value to your property

Installing the right solar energy system can add value to your property. Home buyers are seeking out properties that are energy efficient, so the right solar energy system can give your property an advantage in a flat market.

By installing solar energy, you are increasing the efficiency and appeal of your home, and also delivering a degree of certainty to yourself and any future owner in terms of energy costs.

How does solar power work?

Solar Panels

  • Sunlight can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaics (PV) – found in solar panels
  • Solar panels can be installed on any type of building
  • The solar panels contain two layers of silicon, one with a positive charge and one with a negative charge. When the sun’s rays land on a panel, electrons move from one layer to another, creating an electrical current.
  • Solar panels produce energy from daylight, not just direct sunlight, so they can still produce electricity on cloudy or overcast days


  • The inverter takes the current produced by the solar panels and converts in into usable energy (240V AC).

Your House

  • Solar energy can be used directly in your home to power lights and appliances – or it can be fed back in to the electricity grid.
  • At night when your panels can’t produce electricity, you draw your electricity from the electricity network in the traditional way.

Switchboards & Meters

  • In order to install a grid connect solar power system, you will need to have a compatible switchboard and meter.
  • In most Australian states, houses constructed since at least 2002 will have a compatible switchboard; however two spare spaces are required for solar breakers. If only one space is available the electrician can often upgrade without significant work.

IMPORTANT:  If you determine your switchboard does need upgrading; consider the cost of doing so not just part of your solar power investment, but also to help ensure your house's overall electrical infrastructure is as safe as possible - protecting your assets and more importantly, your family.  Old switchboards can be a fire risk and a shock hazard!

This is a solar Ready switchboard

This is a solar ready switch board

Solar Power Rebates

Speak to us today to find out what rebates are currently available in your area

Selecting the Right Solar Electricity System for Your Home or Business

Most of us are well aware that the cost of electricity is increasing. The modern household or office uses more devices than ever before - air conditioning, computers, plasma televisions, dryers and many other small appliances like phone chargers. These all add up making our generation the biggest consumers of electricity of all time.

Many households have talked about installing a solar system to help reduce electricity bills. With so many solar systems on the market, it can be difficult to gauge which system is right for you.

Not all solar energy systems are the same!

It’s true, not all solar energy systems are the same. You see, we all use energy differently in our homes, at different times of the day. The right system will depend on a number of factors like:

  • how we use energy in our home
  • the number of people in your household
  • the age of the people living in your home
  • your lifestyle
  • The shape, size, age and orientation of your house

One size does not fit all! The best approach is to have your circumstances professionally assessed by a qualified solar expert like Q Energy Solutions who has been specifically trained and is certified to analyse your energy usage.

We will guide you through a process, which will help you discover your options and understand the expected outcomes so you can make an educated decision with all the facts.

Beware of dodgy installers!

We take great pride in ensuring your new Solar system is installed with care. It’s the small things that make the difference! Wires need to be laid out properly, the method of mounting your panels on the roof is important and the correct installation of the inverter is critical. It’s unfortunate that a lot of solar operators cut corners to offer a cut price service. Saving upfront, may not mean saving in the long run.

The fact is the right solar energy system can save you significantly on your energy bills.

Let Q Energy Solutions analyse your circumstances, provide you with a range of product options depending on budget and need, then install your system with care.