Solar & LED Lighting

Solar & LED Lighting

Installing mains powered street, park and security lighting can be an expensive business involving trenching, cabling and resurfacing. While excavating the chances of hitting existing underground services is an ever present risk.

Standalone solar applications can eradicate the need for excavating and disruptions to existing infrastructure by eliminating the need to run cable underground. By considering solar lighting it is possible to save thousands of dollars on installation and eliminate any need for excavation work. Standalone solar lighting installation requires no cabling, no mains connection, and offers zero ongoing electricity costs.

QES offers a comprehensive range of solar & LED lighting applications including street lighting, car park lighting and pathway lighting, for temporary or permanent applications.

Utilising the latest LED technology the solar lighting system automatically operates when lighting is required after sunset and is powered through the night by long-life deep cycle batteries stored in the base of the light. They can also be adjusted to only run for a specific number of hours. Once the lights turns off, the solar panels recharge the batteries during the daylight hours ready for the next evenings use.

Advantages of Solar Lighting

  • Solar powered lighting is virtually maintenance free
  • Solar lighting works even after cloudy days
  • With no pollution, solar lighting can be used even in the most environmentally sensitive areas
  • Immune to power outages
  • No ongoing electricity costs
  • Cost saving, fast installation
  • Brilliant white light to meet safety and security requirements
  • Overcomes lighting issues in difficult or isolated areas where electricity is not available
  • System designs to suit all applications

If you are considering solar lighting, QES can assist with your current project from enquiry to installation.

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