Power Analysis

Power Analysis

Receive your Electricity bill monthly or quarterly? By the time you receive the bill it is too late to do anything about it, you have used the power and now have to pay for it. Every house and business uses electricity different and thinking solutions such as solar and tariff changes will save you money, although may be right, may not be working to your best advantage. Most companies cannot accurately tell you how much you can save, what solar power system size to install or what tariff changes to implement as they are only guessing not using data to back up their claims.

Your electricity bill only shows how much power you use per day as an average, it doesn’t tell you when you’re using that power. The only true way to obtain this data is by temporarily installing a logger on to the electricity supply, which accurately records the usage. Logging creates an energy profile that will show how much power you use and when you use it.

Power quality is just as important, over or under voltages, harmonics and power factor can not only be the cause for your electrical equipment to operate inefficiency, they can cause damage and even shorten the operational life. Utility’s are also implementing charges to accounts with poor power factor, again power analysis can measure and record these characteristics providing us the necessary data to implement changes to save our clients thousands of dollars each year.

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